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Daniel Silva (novelist)
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How much does Neumann pay to get keys copied for Catherine?
(a) 10 shillings.
(b) 25 shillings.
(c) 15 shillings.
(d) 20 shillings.

2. What are the names of Vogel's daughters?
(a) Else and Gisela.
(b) Ada and Carla.
(c) Gretchen and Frieda.
(d) Nicole and Lizbet.

3. Where is the Government Code and Cipher School located?
(a) Aylesbury.
(b) Chiltern.
(c) Wycombe.
(d) Bletchley.

4. Who sent Anna to Vogel?
(a) Manuel Manolo.
(b) Phillipe Berger.
(c) Emilio Romero.
(d) Antonio da Rivera.

5. Where is the home of the Fuhrer?
(a) Berchtesgaden.
(b) Fieberbrunn.
(c) Hallein.
(d) Teisendorf.

6. How many years did Catherine live in the United States when she was a girl?
(a) 3 years.
(b) 2 years.
(c) 4 years.
(d) 1 year.

7. At the beginning of Chapter 12, how many German agents does MI5 suspect may be operating in Britain?
(a) 3.
(b) 4.
(c) 2.
(d) 5.

8. Where does Catherine have a scar she received during one of Vogel's silent killing classes.
(a) On her thigh.
(b) Across a thumb.
(c) On the back of her neck.
(d) On her forearm.

9. What subject does Alice Simpson teach?
(a) Biology.
(b) Literature.
(c) Art.
(d) Math.

10. Where does Jordan want to meet Catherine for dinner after the first night they spend together?
(a) The Savoy.
(b) A French restaurant.
(c) The Monaco.
(d) An Italian restaurant.

11. How old is Brigadefuhrer Walter Schellenberg?
(a) 37.
(b) 42.
(c) 33.
(d) 46.

12. What uniform does Jordan wear in Chapter 19?
(a) U.S. Air Force.
(b) U.S. Marines.
(c) U.S. Army.
(d) U.S. Navy.

13. Vicary's area of expertise is nineteenth-century Europe, but what history does he have a secret passion for?
(a) Greece.
(b) Egypt.
(c) Babylon.
(d) Rome.

14. What time is it when Catherine bumps into Peter Jordan?
(a) Shortly before 7 p.m.
(b) Shortly before 6 p.m.
(c) 6:30 p.m.
(d) 7:30 p.m.

15. Who is the superintendent of the Pope murder case?
(a) Grimwald.
(b) Bemington.
(c) Lanning.
(d) Kidlington.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Vicary calls the RAF meteorological service, how long do they believe there will be clear weather?

2. What is Boothby's wife's name?

3. What did Becker pose as to be able to enter England and begin spying for Canris?

4. How old is Jenny?

5. When did Anna's mother die?

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