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Daniel Silva (novelist)
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 51-52.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long have Helen and David been married?
(a) 30 years.
(b) 25 years.
(c) 20 years.
(d) 35 years.

2. Who is the surveillance photographer who takes pictures of Catherine when she meets with Jordan outside a restaurant?
(a) Brian Roberts.
(b) Peter Davison.
(c) Ginger Bradshaw.
(d) David Remington.

3. How many people has Dicky Dobbs killed?
(a) 3.
(b) 2.
(c) None.
(d) 1.

4. What is Boothby's wife's name?
(a) Genevieve.
(b) Margaret.
(c) Priscilla.
(d) Penelope.

5. At what temperature must the bathwater be in Churchill's tub?
(a) 100 degrees.
(b) 90 degrees.
(c) 104 degrees.
(d) 95 degrees.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Catherine think she might go when the war is over?

2. What military rank does Vicary hold?

3. What is Anna's birthdate?

4. Who recognizes Catherine on a bus?

5. At the beginning of Chapter 12, how many German agents does MI5 suspect may be operating in Britain?

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