Objects & Places from The Unlikely Spy

Daniel Silva (novelist)
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Berlin - This is the capital of Germany and headquarters for the Nazi regime.

MI5 - This is the name of the British Intelligence group.

Abwehr - This is the name for the Nazi intelligence group.

London - This is the capital of England.

Espionage - This is a method of gathering intelligence about enemy countries.

Phoenix Project/Mulberries - These are massive concrete structures designed to serve as breakwaters for a beach invasion.

Spy radios - These were used by spies to transmit information.

World War II - This is an international conflict started by Hitler.

Dogherty Farm - This served as the base of a German spy operation in England.

Neumann/Colville fight - This incident occurred because a German spy felt sorry for a young girl tormented by her drunken father.

Boothby's Office - This is the place where an officer of British intelligence...

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