The Unlikely Spy Fun Activities

Daniel Silva (novelist)
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Pymm Painting

Paint or sketch a picture like Beatrice Pymm might have painted.

A Novel by Silva

Read another book by Daniel Silva.


Read biographical information about Churchill and compare historical accounts about Churchill to the way Churchill is portrayed in the novel. Write a few paragraphs discussing whether Silva portrays Churchill accurately or not.

Dear Mr. Silva

Write Daniel Silva and tell him what you did and did not like about the book.


Food and other things were scarce in London during World War II. Many items were rationed because of the shortages. Read about rationing in England during the war and prepare a written or oral report discussing what you learned.

London and Berlin

Create a poster with images that show what London and Berlin looked like during World War II.

The Unlikely Spy, The Movie

Imagine that you are the director of a...

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