The Unlikely Spy Character Descriptions

Daniel Silva (novelist)
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Professor Alfred Vicary

This character is a professor of history at University College and is recruited for the intelligence side of the war effort.

Anna Katarina von Steiner/Catherine Blake

This character's parents were English and German, and she became a spy to protect her father.

Peter Jordan

This character is an American engineer whose wife died when pregnant.

Kurt Vogel

This character is a German trained as a lawyer and becomes a German secret agent.

Basil Boothby

This character is a career military intelligence officer working for MI5.

Jenny Colville

This character's father is a drunk who mistreats her.

Horst Neuman

This character is a career German solider who was injured during a bar room brawl with fellow Nazis and who becomes a secret agent.

Admiral Canaris

This character is the head of German secret intelligence and is not a fictional character.

Harry Dalton

This character is...

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