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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did this theory of curved spaces help Einstein and Marcel Grossman to do?
(a) Build another theory.
(b) Curve space.
(c) Mark time accurately.
(d) Generate a proof.

2. What did Hubble find about collections of stars?
(a) Collections of stars always have two megastars.
(b) Super novas are common in collections of stars.
(c) Black holes can be found within large collections of stars.
(d) They are sometimes red-shifted and blue-shifted.

3. What is a p = 1 brane?
(a) A cone.
(b) A string.
(c) A box.
(d) A plane.

4. How did religious leaders respond to Hawking and Penrose's work?
(a) It mystified them.
(b) It scared them.
(c) It delighted them.
(d) It made them struggle with their beliefs.

5. What does relativity show about the speed of light?
(a) The speed of light is independent of will.
(b) The speed of light will appear constant.
(c) The speed of light is dependent upon gravity.
(d) The speed of light is an illusion of motion.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who developed quantum theory?

2. What was the twentieth century's other complete conceptual revolution?

3. Where did Einstein accept a position?

4. What did Penrose and Hawking demonstrate concerning General Relativity?

5. What did Einstein assume about scientific laws?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the E = mc2 equation show?

2. What kind of history might the universe have, according to quantum mechanics?

3. What paper did Einstein write with Grossman in 1913 and what happened in 1915 related to this same project?

4. Why can't we coherently ask why the universe is the way it is?

5. What did Einstein do in 1905 that launched him to the top of the scientific community?

6. Who worked on quantum mechanics in the 1920s, and what discovery was made?

7. What is space-time?

8. What is vacuum energy?

9. What is Hawking's view about mathematical models?

10. What was the "ether" theory?

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