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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does time not have apart from the universe?
(a) Dependent meaning.
(b) Illegitimate significance.
(c) Independent meaning.
(d) Futuristic tendencies.

2. What is one reason Hawking takes multiple dimensions seriously?
(a) Unexpected relationships between various string models.
(b) Expected relationships between diverse string thories.
(c) Unexpected relationships between multiple dimensions.
(d) Conclusive relationships between plane models.

3. How did physicists respond to Hawking and Penrose's work?
(a) They were delighted.
(b) They were insanely horrified.
(c) They were mystified.
(d) They disliked the idea.

4. What did Hubble find about collections of stars?
(a) Super novas are common in collections of stars.
(b) They are sometimes red-shifted and blue-shifted.
(c) Collections of stars always have two megastars.
(d) Black holes can be found within large collections of stars.

5. What may the no boundary condition imply?
(a) The universe can never be contained.
(b) The universe is self-conducted.
(c) The universe is self-contained.
(d) The universe will collapse if it cannot be condensed.

Short Answer Questions

1. How did the universe initially expand?

2. What is thought to expand at an accelerating rate in our universe?

3. Where did Einstein receive his degree?

4. What were Fat Man and Little Boy dropped on in 1945?

5. What theory of Einstein's contradicted Newton's law of gravity?

Short Essay Questions

1. What paper did Einstein write with Grossman in 1913 and what happened in 1915 related to this same project?

2. What does Hawking believe the possibility of intelligent beings' existence depends on?

3. What is hard to reconcile with Dirac's discoveries in quantum mechanics?

4. What does it mean for stars to be red-shifted or blue-shifted?

5. What idea about the galaxies did Einstein never take seriously?

6. What is vacuum energy?

7. What is a p = 1 brane and a p = 2 brane?

8. Describe imaginary time.

9. What changed about the way we view zero point fluctuations in the 1940s?

10. What is considered to be expanding in our universe, and why does Hawking think this is beneficial?

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