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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, Our Future?, Star Trek or Not?.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Schrodinger equation specify?
(a) The rate at which bell curves change with motion.
(b) The rate at which wave function changes with time.
(c) The rate at which satellites operate particle states.
(d) The rate at which light function changes with speed.

2. Who were unconvinced by the ideas of an infinite past and future?
(a) Lifshitz and Hawking.
(b) Popper and Newkowitz.
(c) Penrose and Hawking.
(d) Shalob and Khalatnikov.

3. How many books a year are estimated to be published?
(a) Three hundred thousand books.
(b) Two hundred thousand books.
(c) Four hundred thousand books.
(d) One thousand books.

4. What is doubling its computational power every eighteen months?
(a) Satellite.
(b) Alarm.
(c) Computer.
(d) Cellphone.

5. Who later showed that general relativity implied the Big Bang?
(a) Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose.
(b) Allen Walton and Zion Greenlee.
(c) Stephen Hawking and Matthew Williams.
(d) Allen Walton and Roger Penrose.

Short Answer Questions

1. What barrier could wormholes break?

2. What kind of advanced development does Hawking predict for humanity?

3. As the brain increases in size, what may become slower as it grows more complex?

4. What is one of the twentieth century's greatest discoveries?

5. How does Hawking describe exploring the galaxy?

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