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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, Our Future?, Star Trek or Not?.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where did Einstein receive his degree?
(a) Technical Teaching School.
(b) The Seattle School of Law.
(c) Simmons Seminary.
(d) The Federal Polytechnic School.

2. What does supersymmetry imply?
(a) That molecules have a spin property.
(b) That gamma rays have a spin property.
(c) That strings have a spin property.
(d) That particles had a spin property.

3. What are wormholes?
(a) Tubes of spacetime that connect different regions of space and time.
(b) Molecules of open space.
(c) Units of spacetime that connect similar regions of space and time.
(d) Holes between which space and time travel.

4. How many books a year are estimated to be published?
(a) Three hundred thousand books.
(b) Two hundred thousand books.
(c) One thousand books.
(d) Four hundred thousand books.

5. What does Hawking think one can do to positive vacuum energy?
(a) Move it.
(b) Square it.
(c) Divide it.
(d) Ration it.

Short Answer Questions

1. How are galaxies distributed through space?

2. How does Hawking think we should try to understand the beginning of the universe?

3. What kind of advanced development does Hawking predict for humanity?

4. What kind of theory do we not have yet that is essential to figuring out time travel?

5. What will be preserved if this equation determines the wave function?

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