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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, Protecting the Past.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When particles hit p-branes, what are produced?
(a) Time bombs.
(b) Miniature explosions.
(c) Nothing is produced.
(d) Extra, multi-dimensional branes.

2. What was the twentieth century's other complete conceptual revolution?
(a) Quantum geology.
(b) Molecular physics.
(c) Quantum theory.
(d) Molecular biology.

3. What is intuitive to think about the "ground state" or stationary state of an object?
(a) This object would have multiple energies.
(b) This object would have zero energy.
(c) This object would have two energies.
(d) This object would thrive in a black hole.

4. By what year was Einstein famous?
(a) 1988.
(b) 1909.
(c) 1899.
(d) 1907.

5. What is determinism threatened by?
(a) Hartford supertheory.
(b) Walter's metaphysical drive.
(c) Magical Realism.
(d) Heisenberg uncertainty.

Short Answer Questions

1. How are galaxies distributed through space?

2. What does relativity show about the speed of light?

3. What was everywhere when the universe was small?

4. What did Penrose and Hawking demonstrate concerning General Relativity?

5. What did the philosopher Immanuel Kant worry about concerning time and Newton's model?

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