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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 3, The Universe in a Nutshell.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who produced the theory about curved spaces?
(a) Harvey Dent.
(b) George Markowitz.
(c) Professor Marx.
(d) Georg Reimann.

2. What may the universe not have, given quantum mechanics?
(a) A single history or every possible history.
(b) Infinite knowledge.
(c) A beginning and an ending.
(d) Five histories.

3. When were strings regarded as insufficient?
(a) Before 1988.
(b) After 1988.
(c) After 1985.
(d) Before 1985.

4. What is one reason Hawking takes multiple dimensions seriously?
(a) Unexpected relationships between various string models.
(b) Conclusive relationships between plane models.
(c) Expected relationships between diverse string thories.
(d) Unexpected relationships between multiple dimensions.

5. How did religious leaders respond to Hawking and Penrose's work?
(a) It scared them.
(b) It made them struggle with their beliefs.
(c) It delighted them.
(d) It mystified them.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is thought to expand at an accelerating rate in our universe?

2. What theories of relativity did Einstein advance?

3. What did Einstein resist to admit that general relativity implied if all the stars died?

4. Who believed they could interpret General Relativity so time had an infinite past and an infinite future?

5. What does Hawking believe any good scientific theory should be rooted in?

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