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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2, The Shape of Time.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did one of Einstein's mathematical errors prevent Marcel and Einstein from doing?
(a) Colloborating on a second effort.
(b) Formulating the appropriate equations.
(c) Going to the SpaceTime conference of 1954.
(d) Finishing the job in two weeks.

2. Who later showed that general relativity implied the Big Bang?
(a) Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose.
(b) Stephen Hawking and Matthew Williams.
(c) Allen Walton and Zion Greenlee.
(d) Allen Walton and Roger Penrose.

3. Dirac's discoveries were difficult to reconcile with what?
(a) Newton's law of gravity.
(b) Hawking's harangue on black hole theory.
(c) Popper's theory of demystification.
(d) Maxwell's unification of magnetism, energy, and electricity.

4. What can quantum theory represent?
(a) The dimensions of spacetime.
(b) The curves of space and time.
(c) The shaping of space and time.
(d) The model of a timewarp.

5. Where did Einstein accept a position?
(a) The American Academy of Science.
(b) The German Academy of Science.
(c) The Prussian Academy of Science.
(d) The Italian Academy of Science.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does supersymmetry imply?

2. What have serious effects on a quantum theory of gravity?

3. How did religious leaders respond to Hawking and Penrose's work?

4. What did Einstein suggest concerning the speed of light?

5. What two things are considered capable of shaping space-time, according to Einstein?

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