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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 4, Predicting the Future.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did this theory of curved spaces help Einstein and Marcel Grossman to do?
(a) Curve space.
(b) Mark time accurately.
(c) Generate a proof.
(d) Build another theory.

2. What does the Schrodinger equation specify?
(a) The rate at which wave function changes with time.
(b) The rate at which bell curves change with motion.
(c) The rate at which satellites operate particle states.
(d) The rate at which light function changes with speed.

3. What characteristic of black holes has been stated as never having been observed?
(a) Radiation.
(b) Logic.
(c) Karma.
(d) Willpower.

4. Who were unconvinced by the ideas of an infinite past and future?
(a) Lifshitz and Hawking.
(b) Penrose and Hawking.
(c) Popper and Newkowitz.
(d) Shalob and Khalatnikov.

5. What does Hawking explain particles do not have?
(a) Round-bodied physics.
(b) Molecular shapes.
(c) Easily-shaped positions.
(d) Well-defined positions or velocities.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Hawking think black holes radiate?

2. What may be a law of nature?

3. What does the p-brane model show about information?

4. When was Einstein born?

5. What is one reason Hawking takes multiple dimensions seriously?

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