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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, Our Future?, Star Trek or Not?.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What can quantum theory represent?
(a) The curves of space and time.
(b) The dimensions of spacetime.
(c) The model of a timewarp.
(d) The shaping of space and time.

2. What was discovered in the 1970s that revealed a natural physical mechanism?
(a) A new sort of plane.
(b) A new sort of timewarp.
(c) A new sort of symmetry.
(d) A new sort of planck.

3. What does the p-brane model show about information?
(a) Information will be captured in the p-brane waves' wave functions.
(b) Information can be channeled through bell curves and wave functions.
(c) Information cannot be captured.
(d) Information will escape a bit at a time through waves.

4. What kind of advanced development does Hawking predict for humanity?
(a) Social development.
(b) Biological and electronic development.
(c) Weapon development.
(d) Religious development.

5. What question does Hawking ask about extraterrestrials?
(a) If they were smart, why haven't they contacted us?
(b) If they were advanced, why haven't they spread across the galaxy?
(c) If they are real, why haven't we discovered them?
(d) If they were out there, why would they want to contact us?

Short Answer Questions

1. According to Popper, what happens if positivism is true?

2. What does TOE stand for?

3. What is doubling its computational power every eighteen months?

4. What can p-branes predict?

5. What kind of philosophy do black holes have?

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