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This is the English university where Hawking teaches.

Special Relativity

This theory of physics holds that no absolute well-defined state of rest exists.

General Relativity

This theory brings together special relativity and Newton's laws of gravity.

Quantum Mechanics

These principles describe reality at the smallest levels of nature.

Quantum Gravity

This part of theoretical physics tries to combine quantum mechanics and general relativity into one theory.


This mathematical idea extends into space and represents a precise number of dimensions.

The No-Boundary Condition

This idea suggests the universe did not need to be created.

The Universe

The region of space-time and the matter and energy it contains.

Time Travel

This seemingly improbable concept is argued possible by Hawking, given the laws of physics.

Star Trek

The famous science fiction television show depicts the future.


These representations of information in smaller numbers of dimensions represent larger numbers...

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