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Cambridge - This is the English university where Hawking teaches.

Special Relativity - This theory of physics holds that no absolute well-defined state of rest exists.

General Relativity - This theory brings together special relativity and Newton's laws of gravity.

Quantum Mechanics - These principles describe reality at the smallest levels of nature.

Quantum Gravity - This part of theoretical physics tries to combine quantum mechanics and general relativity into one theory.

P-Brane - This mathematical idea extends into space and represents a precise number of dimensions.

The No-Boundary Condition - This idea suggests the universe did not need to be created.

The Universe - The region of space-time and the matter and energy it contains.

Time Travel - This seemingly improbable concept is argued possible by Hawking, given the laws of physics.

Star Trek - The famous science fiction television show depicts the future.

Holograms -...

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