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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1, A Brief History of Relativity)


In Chapter One, Hawking discusses Albert Einstein and his work. Since Hawking spends a good portion on Einstein's biography, including details of his scientific contributions, the objective of this lesson is to expound upon Albert Einstein and flesh out the ideas he worked on.


1) Partner Discussion - What kind of scientific thought prevailed when Einstein was born? When he died? What made Einstein famous? What significant papers did Einstein publish or theories did he establish?

2) In-class Time line - Draw a time line that maps out Albert Einstein's life. Include significant time markers, such as papers published, relationships forged, and theories produced.

3) Individual Contribution - Pick one theory Albert Einstein worked on. Summarize and analyze this theory and share your findings with a classmate.

4) Homework - Choose a biography on the life and works of Albert Einstein. Write a one page summary that highlights important...

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