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Stephen Hawking

This person taught mathematics and physics at Cambridge for thirty years and suffers from a type of Lou Gehrig's disease.

Albert Einstein

This person was a theoretical physicist whose contributions to physics laid the foundations for general relativity.

Roger Penrose

This person has co-authored a number of important papers about black holes.

Kip Thorne

This American theoretical physicist has aided humanity's understanding of gravitational physics and astrophysics.

Isaac Newton

This seventeenth and eighteenth century physicist and mathematician invented calculus.

Hawking's Students

These people are mentioned in Hawking's books for the work they submit.

Werner Heisenberg

This person is famous for the a principle that holds there is an inverse relation between how finely one can calculate the velocity and position of a particle.

Richard Feynman

This American physicist created a new formulation of quantum mechanics and the theory of quantum electrodynamics, along with the physics of...

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