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Mark Donohue
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. Does Mark ever feel like quitting?

2. Mark is with others often but also can feel very much alone. Why?

3. What is Mark's funder's response regarding driving for another?

4. Who is the main competitor at this time?

5. Who is good for pursuing the same idea with Mark at this later date?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Mark's experience with NASCAR. What does he learn from this experience?

2. What leads to the first mention of the title of this book?

3. What does Roger say that frightens Mark? Why does Roger say this?

4. Describe the business meeting between Roger Penske and the American Motors people. How does Mark feel about this? Should he feel this way? Why or why not?

5. What fact is reiterated using Mark's difficulty at Indianapolis?

6. Describe Mark's experience with the Lola T70.

7. How is this book important to race car enthusiasts?

8. What does at least one of Mark's competitors think of innovation? Why might this person feel this way?

9. What trickery does the team use to throw off those who are not on the team?

10. Describe an example of compromise found in this chapter.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In the early 1970s, Roger Penske has a meeting with the American Motors people.

Part 1) Describe the reason for this meeting. How does Mark feel about this meeting? Why? How does this meeting affect Penske's racing team? How does it affect Mark specifically?

Part 2) What other changes take place within the Penske racing team over the years during which Mark is a driver? Why do these changes take place? How do these changes affect the Penske team?

Part 3) Do changes like these take place in other sports and forms of entertainment? If so, how and why? If not, why not? How do changes affect fans and the sport's image?

Essay Topic 2

Race cars run on several different types of fuel.

Part 1) Describe these types of fuel. What are Mark's experiences regarding fuel types? Which might he prefer? Why?

Part 2) What other aspects of the automobile are significantly important to the outcome of a race? How are each of these parts of an automobile important?

Part 3) How is the type of fuel used in an automobile driven on the street an issue today? What research is being done regarding this fuel? Why? How might this affect racing?

Essay Topic 3

Mark dies in a crash.

Part 1) How does Mark end up racing one last time? How does this lead to his death? Might he have known that this was a risk he was taking? Why or why not?

Part 2) What does his death reveal about the sport of racing? How does it affect your view of this popular sport? What could be done to make this sport safer for those involved?

Part 3) Many forms of entertainment are dangerous for the performers/athletes. Are these activities worth the risks? Why or why not? Should it be legal to participate in these activities? Why or why not?

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