The Unfair Advantage Short Essay - Answer Key

Mark Donohue
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1. What does the writer of the introduction have to say about the author?

The book begins with introductory writings by the son of the deceased author. The son is delighted to have good memories of his father but has naturally grieved intensely over his loss.

2. How does Mark Donohue die? What are your thoughts on his death?

Donohue dies in a car crash during a race. Since he is a race car driver, this is a fitting end.

3. Describe Mark prior to becoming a race car driver. How does he get into racing?

Donohue is a mechanical engineering student who likes cars. Another young man invites him to race his Corvette one night. He does so; he is rather pleased with the performance of his sports car but realizes its limitations. He quickly discovers that racing is a strong interest and so pursues it. He then begins to learn more about himself, as a man and a driver as well as also learning a great deal more about automobiles--what does and does not make a good race car.

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