The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax Character Descriptions

Dorothy Gilman
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Mrs. Emily Pollifax

This character is a widow who decides to become a spy for the CIA.

Johnny Farrell

This character is an artist and operative of the CIA and tries to commit suicide when captured.

Dr. Lee Tsung Howell

This character is a scientist who is captured when studying proteins in plants.

Mr. Carstairs

This character hires a widow to be a courier for the CIA.

Adhem Nexdhet

This character is a military official and Russian spy that helps an American captive escape after their abduction.

Roger Pollifax

This character urges their mother to leave the country and is not very worried when she goes missing.

Jane Kempf

This character is strongly against their mother leaving the country.


This character is a soldier who hates their job as a guard to an American captive.

Senor R. DeGamez

This character is a CIA operative who works under...

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