The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Dorothy Gilman
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Chapters 1 through 7

• Mrs. Emily Pollifax is introduced.

• Mrs. Pollifax is at her doctor's office discussing her depression.

• Mrs. Pollifax admits to her doctor that she always wanted to be a spy.

• Mrs. Pollifax's doctor does not encourage her to be a spy, but tells her to find something she enjoys and pursue it.

• Mrs. Pollifax realizes she has never been a "sensible person" and does not want to live the life of a sensible person.
• Mrs. Grave Hartshorne is introduced.

• Mrs. Pollifax feels that Mrs. Hartshorne looks down on her; she compares her to a teacher that is always disappointed.

• Mrs. Pollifax decides to travel to Langley, Virginia to get a letter of introduction from her congressman.

• Mrs. Pollifax takes the letter of introdcution to the CIA and tells Jasper Mason that she wants to be a spy; he refuses her.
• Carstairs is introduced; he is an official...

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