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Colson Whitehead
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 5 (p. 132 - 160).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At what port was Ajarry held in a dungeon while the slave ships arrived?
(a) Cacheu.
(b) Sherbro.
(c) Ouidah.
(d) Dakar.

2. Who was the saloon partner of Anorld Ridgeway's father?
(a) Elijah Lander.
(b) Tom Bird.
(c) James Randall.
(d) Mr. Lumbly.

3. Who has signed the runaway notice that opens "North Carolina"?
(a) Elijah Lander.
(b) Christian Markson.
(c) Rigdon Banks.
(d) Terrance Randall.

4. Who are the other performers that work with Cora at the museum in "South Carolina"?
(a) Mary and Sarah.
(b) Lovey and Ajarry.
(c) Ethel and Mabel.
(d) Isis and Betty.

5. In a line from "North Carolina," the narrator says, "The only way to know how long you are lost in the darkness is" what?
(a) "To pray."
(b) "To listen to your hunger."
(c) "To count the days."
(d) "To be saved from it."

Short Answer Questions

1. Who invited Stevens to begin grave-robbing with him?

2. About how old was Cora when her mother disappeared?

3. Where were Ajarry and the other slaves taken upon arriving in America to be certified clear of illness?

4. Where does the narrator say Mary works in "Georgia"?

5. Who is described as the head of the kitchen workers in "Georgia"?

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