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Colson Whitehead
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Section 3 (p. 71 - 106).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does the narrator say that the captain of the slave ship that brought Ajarry from her homeland staggered the culture and disposition of the slaves he peddled?
(a) Because the buyers liked to choose from different tribes.
(b) Because they liked to hear the different languages.
(c) Because different tribes had different specialties in terms of work.
(d) Because they might plot a mutiny if they shared a language.

2. On what date is the "Thirty Dollar Reward" listed in "Georgia"?
(a) June 12, 1826.
(b) March 10, 1840.
(c) July 18, 1820.
(d) January 14, 1855.

3. For how much money did a representative from the Randall plantation buy Ajarry?
(a) $239.
(b) $292.
(c) $125.
(d) $450.

4. How did Ajarry die?
(a) From a brain aneurysm.
(b) From yellow fever.
(c) From cholera.
(d) From being lynched.

5. Where do Cora and Caesar go to talk when he comes to see her at the Hob in "Georgia"?
(a) To Ajarry's garden plot.
(b) To the estate garden.
(c) To the old schoolhouse.
(d) To the slave kitchen.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the dormitory supervisor where Cora lives in "South Carolina"?

2. Who is the teacher that teaches Cora and others to read and write in "South Carolina"?

3. Who answers the door to find Caesar when he visits the Hob to talk to Cora in "Georgia"?

4. Who is the station master who has given Cora the identity of Bessie Carpenter?

5. How old is the "negro girl" that is being sought on the reward poster in the opening of "South Carolina"?

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