Objects & Places from The Underground Railroad (novel)

Colson Whitehead
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These items serve as Cora's favorite reading subjects and symbolize information and freedom in the novel.

Ajarry's Garden

This small area represents independence and freedom in the narrative. Following her grandmother's death, Cora fights for this but ultimately loses.

The Hob

This setting in the novel represents the outcasts who are doomed to live there.

Gulliver's Travels

This gift from Mr. Fletcher represents inspiration, the ability to read, and freedom for Caesar.

The Griffin Building

This setting in the novel represents a beacon of safety and a way for Cora to gain bearings of her surroundings in South Carolina.

The Museum of Natural Wonders

This setting is where Cora goes to work as a "type" on display. It represents oppression and the rewriting of history.

The Freedom Road

This setting in North Carolina represents death and oppression.

The Valentine Farm

This setting in Indiana represents freedom, openness...

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