Daily Lessons for Teaching The Underground Railroad (novel)

Colson Whitehead
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Lesson 1 (from Section 1 (p. 1 - 34))


In The Underground Railroad, author Colson Whitehead takes the concept of the historical Underground Railroad and brings this metaphor to literal reality. The first chapter, “Ajarry,” introduces protagonist Cora and gives the background of Cora’s grandmother, Ajarry, describing the conquest of her village, her capture, her journey on a slave ship, and her eventual arrival at the Randall plantation. In this lesson students will: research author Colson Whitehead and the history of slavery in America, identify and analyze the narrative style of the novel, and discuss the character of Ajarry in The Underground Railroad.


Research Activity: Take time in class to conduct research on author Colson Whitehead and on the history of slavery in the United States. When were slaves first brought to America? When was the trans-Atlantic slave trade established? When was it abolished?

Group Assignment: Assign students to groups of 3-4 each...

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