The Underground Railroad (novel) Character Descriptions

Colson Whitehead
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This character is the protagonist of the novel. She is a "stray" who was left behind when her mother fled the Randall plantation when she was around ten. When she is in her late teens, a fellow slave on the plantation convinces her to flee with him and they escape via the Underground Railroad.


This character is the protagonist's grandmother. The first chapter of the novel details her capture and enslavement as well as her experiences as a slave in America.


This character is a slave-catcher. He began working as a patroller at the age of 14 and traveled frequently to the North to capture escaped slaves and return them to their masters in the south. He is the principle antagonist in The Underground Railroad.

Dr. Stevens

This character is a physician at the new hospital for free blacks that opens in South Carolina. There, he examines...

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