The Underground Railroad (novel) Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Colson Whitehead
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Section 1 (p. 1 - 34)

• In bestselling novelist Colson Whitehead’s The Underground Railroad, the metaphor of the actual Underground Railroad is brought to reality — with train tracks, engineers, and underground stations.

• This novel follows protagonist Cora as she attempts to make her way to freedom.

• The novel is separated into different chapters that are titled by the focus or setting of that chapter; within chapters, there are sections that are unnamed but jump forward or backward in the narrative.

• In the first chapter, “Ajarry,” the reader is introduced to Cora and the story of Cora’s grandmother Ajarry is detailed.

• After Ajarry and her villagers were captured and brought to the coast at Ouidah, young Ajarry was separated from her remaining family and boarded on the slave ship The Nanny.

• After being sold several times, Ajarry finally arrived at the Randall plantation where she lived for the rest of...

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