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Mick Jackson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the Duke discuss on November 28th?
(a) His accomplishments.
(b) His own wasted life.
(c) His family.
(d) His wife.

2. What does the Duke steal from the professor?
(a) A trepanning kit.
(b) Nothing.
(c) The keys to the lab.
(d) A book.

3. When does the Duke sense the phantom boy?
(a) All the time.
(b) In the attic.
(c) Only in the underground tunnels.
(d) When he smokes his father's briar pipe.

4. What preoccupies the Duke on December 2, 5, and 7?
(a) The dying trees.
(b) The tunnel project.
(c) His thoughts.
(d) The phantom boy.

5. What was the dumbwaiter used for?
(a) To lower the laundry to the basement.
(b) To transport coal.
(c) It was never used.
(d) To take food to the second floor.

6. What does the Duke need from Reverend Mellor?
(a) Information on getting married in the chruch.
(b) To confinde in someone.
(c) Information on phrenology.
(d) Prayer.

7. Why does the Duke search the attic?
(a) He is looking for his parents' will.
(b) He is looking for family memories.
(c) He wants to clean it out.
(d) He is looking for clues about himslef.

8. Who joins the Duke on the train?
(a) A young child.
(b) A young mother.
(c) A widowed woman.
(d) Celment.

9. When does the Duke find out about a friend's death?
(a) 3 days after the death.
(b) 5 days after the death.
(c) 2 days after the death.
(d) 4 days after the death.

10. What does the Duke find in one of the stables?
(a) A box of coins.
(b) A recipe book.
(c) An old bust.
(d) A family picture.

11. What begins to manifest in "From His Grace's Journal to Mrs. Pledger's Account?"
(a) The Duke's friendships with others.
(b) The Duke's madness.
(c) The Duke's loneliness.
(d) The Duke's abillity to love.

12. Who dies on December 8th?
(a) Conner.
(b) Mr. Bird.
(c) Mr. and Mrs. Snow.
(d) Mrs. Pledger.

13. Who does the Duke decide to visit on December 11th?
(a) Reverend Mellor.
(b) Mr. Bird.
(c) Conner.
(d) Dr. Cox.

14. What is the Duke able to be with many layers of clothing while ice skating?
(a) Protected if he falls.
(b) Anonymous.
(c) Noticed.
(d) Warm.

15. By drilling a small hole into one's skull, what does the Duke learn is released?
(a) Fluid.
(b) Blood.
(c) Evil spirits.
(d) Pressure.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are the old stables on the property used for?

2. What does the Duke realize can happen even when surrounded by other people?

3. How does the Duke decide to search for clues about himself on December 21st?

4. What does the Duke learn could be looked at from different perspective in "From His Grace's Journal to Mrs. Pledger's Account?"

5. What does Mr. Hendley and the reader learn about the Duke during his bike ride?

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