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Mick Jackson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does the Duke feel in his reoccurring dream?
(a) Restless.
(b) Afraid.
(c) Helpless.
(d) Secure.

2. Who does Reverend Mellor suggest the Duke pay a visit to?
(a) An expert in Edinburgh.
(b) Conners.
(c) A man in Holbeck Village.
(d) The Mayor.

3. How does the Duke decide to search for clues about himself on December 21st?
(a) By intervewing the townspeople.
(b) From the outside of the house.
(c) By reading news clipings.
(d) By calling his family.

4. When does the Duke find out about a friend's death?
(a) 5 days after the death.
(b) 2 days after the death.
(c) 4 days after the death.
(d) 3 days after the death.

5. During "From His Grace's Journal to Mrs. Pledger's Account," what does Clements show the Duke?
(a) An ancient pair of ice skates.
(b) A map of the town.
(c) An old pipe.
(d) A picture from his youth.

6. How does Conner react to the story of the phantom boy?
(a) Judgemental.
(b) His laughs.
(c) His does not take the Duke seriously.
(d) Non-judgemental.

7. Where does the Duke wish to transport some plates to from the kitchen?
(a) The dinning area.
(b) The guest house.
(c) His room.
(d) The attic.

8. What does the Duke create with the family things he finds in the attic?
(a) A photo album.
(b) More trash.
(c) A totem pole.
(d) A shrine.

9. What does the Duke generally think about man?
(a) He really knows nothing.
(b) He is ingenious.
(c) He is not a true creator.
(d) He has the power to create everything.

10. What in particular upsets the Duke about his life?
(a) He lives alone.
(b) He never married.
(c) He is always ill.
(d) He hasn't created anything.

11. What are the old stables on the property used for?
(a) Maids quarters.
(b) Storage.
(c) The horses.
(d) Parties.

12. Based on the Mr. Hendley's account, what does the Duke have a desire to do?
(a) Be marries.
(b) Have a normal career.
(c) Have children.
(d) Be wealthy.

13. During "From His Grace's Journal to Mr. Hendley's Account" what does the reader learn about what the Duke thinks of himself?
(a) He is arrogant .
(b) He is incomplete.
(c) He wanted to do more in life.
(d) He is happy with his life.

14. How does the Duke learn to relieve his loneliness in "From His Grace's Journal to Mrs. Pledger's Account?"
(a) Going outside.
(b) Just being in the presence of others.
(c) Listening to his staff.
(d) Making friends.

15. What is the Duke's response to the local's request on December 19th?
(a) He grants it.
(b) He runs the locals off by yelling at them.
(c) He denies it.
(d) He charges them a fee.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Duke find in one of the stables?

2. How does the Duke feel skating with the others?

3. Who insists that Clement travel with the Duke?

4. Who does the Duke visit at the university in Edinburgh?

5. In "From His Grace's Journal to Mrs. Pledger's Account," what is the significance of finding the bust?

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