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Mick Jackson
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through From His Grace's Journal to a Housemaid's Account.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Based on the first chapter, "From His Grace's Journal to Mr. Bird's Account" what could be said about the Duke's mental health?
(a) It may be unstable.
(b) He is visably suffering mentally.
(c) He is mentally healthy.
(d) He does not care.

2. Where does Mr. Bird meet the Duke?
(a) Town Hall.
(b) The Hills estate.
(c) At church.
(d) The Welback estate.

3. What does Mr. Bird know about why the tunnels were built?
(a) Nothing.
(b) The Duke is allergic to the sun.
(c) To smuggle goods.
(d) For escape.

4. What does the Duke find in one of the stables?
(a) A recipe book.
(b) An old bust.
(c) A family picture.
(d) A box of coins.

5. During "From His Grace's Journal to Mrs. Pledger's Account," who joins the Duke in the study?
(a) Connor.
(b) Mr. Hendley.
(c) Mr. Bird.
(d) Clement.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who dies on December 8th?

2. What does the Duke write about in the first part of his October 16th journal entry?

3. What is the Duke's reputation based on?

4. What is one of the rumors spread about the Duke?

5. What about two young boys impresses the Duke?

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