The Underground Man Character Descriptions

Mick Jackson
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The Duke

This character is an aging aristocrat who leads a reclusive life on a Welbeck estate. This character's mind and body are deteriorating due to advanced age.


This character is the main character's loyal valet whose duties include keeping a watchful eye over the main character.

Mrs. Pledger

This character is the head housekeeper and ensures that the daily chores are performed satisfactorily in the laundry room and the kitchen.

Fanny Adelaide

This character is a London theater performer.

Dr. Cox

This character is the main character's attending physician.


This character manipulates the main character's joints and spine.

Professor Bannister

This character is met on the recommendation of another character, and the main character travels to the meeting.

Mr. Bird

This character is a garden landscaper whom the main character commissions to build the underground tunnel system.

Mr. Grimshaw

This character is the carriage driver...

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