The Underground Man Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Mick Jackson
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From His Grace's Journal to Mr. Bird's Account

• The reader learns that the Duke is eccentric or at the very least has a reputation of being eccentric. His reputation does not accurately reflect his actual qualities, and his mental and physical health are deteriorating.

• The Duke's has commissioned the construction of an underground tunnel system that is supposed to connect his home to various regions of his estate.

• The Duke's eccentricity encourages others to gossip about him, resulting in the Duke's public reputation.

• As the Duke ages, his behavior is increasingly eccentric.

• The Duke has noticed his own physical deterioration, but more importantly, he seems to suffer from some mental instability.

• The Duke's inability to distinguish reality from imagination causes him to behave in a way that may seem bizarre to the outside observer. In particular, the Duke reacts peculiarly to the crow he encountered during his walk...

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