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Short Answer Questions

1. Whom does War Paint turn to for defense?

2. What does Margarito think could kill him?

3. Why does War Paint become angry with Camila?

4. What refrain from the song does Demetrio Macias repeat again and again?

5. What does Camila ask Demetrio Macias for permission to do when the rebels leave?

Short Essay Questions

1. What dream of Venancio's is quashed by Luis Cervantes?

2. What does Margarito say happens to Luis Cervantes' girlfriends?

3. What painful memory crosses Demetrio Macias' mind as Don Monico pleads for mercy for his wife and children?

4. What lies do the women in Don Monico's house tell to protect themselves?

5. How does War Paint try to help Camila and the young girl Luis Cervantes claims as a girlfriend?

6. Why does Anastasio think they should be able to quit fighting?

7. How does Luis Cervantes justify stealing money from the people?

8. What persuades Demetrio Macias' men that the deserters they encounter are telling the truth about Villa's defeat?

9. What does Luis Cervantes suggest that they do with their stolen money?

10. What does War Paint tell Camila that makes the younger girl cry?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

This book is notable for the amount of information given in the foreword, introduction, chronology of the revolution, chronology of Azuela's life, and notes at the end. In your essay, discuss the importance of this supplemental information. Why was so much included? What help does it provide a reader?

Essay Topic 2

The meanings of different words in translation can greatly affect the connotations delivered. "Los de Abajo," the title of this book, for instance, literally means, "Those from Beneath." Is there a difference between that and "The Underdogs"? If so, what is it? "Huero," translated here as "Towhead," is also used for those who are light-skinned, not just those who are blond. "La Pintada" could be translated as "She Who Wears Makeup." Do different translations make a difference to the reader? Using the internet, look up such words as "curro" and "cacique." Are their translations useful? Easy to understand? Accurate? Why do you think the translator chose to leave those two words in Spanish? In your essay, discuss the importance of the translator in conveying the right understanding of the story.

Essay Topic 3

The tone of a story is the author's attitude toward his characters and the situations about which he writes. Discuss the tone of this story. How do you think Azuela felt about the people he wrote about?

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