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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Luis Cervantes say Natera and Demetrio Macias will bring to their country?
(a) Nothing but freedom.
(b) Nothing but glory.
(c) Nothing but optimism.
(d) Nothing but shame.

2. Who helps Luis Cervantes to eat and cleans his wounded leg?
(a) Demetrio Macias.
(b) Camila.
(c) Anastasio.
(d) Quail.

3. Why do the neighbor women come to borrow from Senora Remigia?
(a) They are without food.
(b) She is a spy.
(c) To gossip about Demetrio Macias.
(d) They enjoy her company.

4. What do Demetrio Macias' men do when they find Serapio and Antonio, who were thought to be lost, hanged?
(a) Recite the Lord's prayer.
(b) Beat the two men for deserting.
(c) Thank the Virgin of Guadalupe.
(d) Break out a jug of pulque.

5. What does the leader of the Federal soldiers intend to do with the bandits of Demetrio Macias?
(a) Keep them imprisoned in the village.
(b) Take them back to the capital.
(c) Kill them all by himself.
(d) Shoot them by firing squad.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Natera say that he has heard abou Demetrio Macias?

2. How do the rebels refer to their loot?

3. What does Demetrio Macias say he would be doing if Don Monico hadn't tried to arrest him?

4. What did the villager who helped Demetrio Macias want the rebels to do in return?

5. What greets Demetrio Macias' men as they enter the plaza of the village?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Crispin Robles recruit men to fight for the cause?

2. Why does Demetrio Macias order Quail to steal a priest's cassock?

3. Why is Alberto Solis surprised to see Luis Cervantes in Zacatecas?

4. What kindness from a village girl impresses Demetrio Macias?

5. Why does the villager tell Demetrio Macias that it doesn't matter how many Federal soldiers are in the barracks?

6. Who are Serapio and Antonio?

7. What kind of atmosphere is created as the rebels loot bodies of the soldiers they have killed?

8. What does Luis Cervantes insist that the band should do when he learns that Huerta is preparing a final defense in Zacatecas?

9. How does Luis Cervantes escape being shot to death by Demetrio Macias' men?

10. Describe the character of Demetrio Macias' wife.

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