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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why have Demetrio Macias' friends prepared a banquet in his honor?
(a) To celebrate his promotion to general.
(b) To celebrate his promotion to colonel.
(c) To celebrate his birthday.
(d) To celebrate his conquering the town.

2. What premonition does Demetrio Macias have?
(a) "Something's going to happen to me."
(b) "The Federals will capture me."
(c) "Someone's going to kill me."
(d) "Mexico will rise like the sun."

3. What does a village man try to do to save the books from being burned?
(a) Buy them.
(b) Takes them back by force.
(c) Trades them for jewels.
(d) Hides them.

4. What saddens Demetrio Macias when they stop at a farmhouse for the night?
(a) His longing for his own home.
(b) The poverty of the Mexican landowners.
(c) The cruel treatment of the farm animals.
(d) The hard conditions of a crippled laborer.

5. Why does Luis Cervantes recommend stopping in Aguascalientes?
(a) They need to rest.
(b) They need to bathe and get haircuts.
(c) They are running out of money.
(d) They need to tend to their wounded.

6. What injury does the waiter get from Margarito?
(a) A wounded foot.
(b) A damaged hand.
(c) A cut on the head.
(d) A lost ear.

7. What does Demetrio Macias order his men to do when they enter the Sierra?
(a) Capture anyone who is trying to hide from them.
(b) Burn the homes of those who are trying to hide from them.
(c) Take the supplies of those who are trying to hide from them.
(d) Shoot anyone who is trying to hide from them.

8. What does Anastasio wonder about now that the Federal soldiers have been defeated?
(a) Who will be the provisional president.
(b) When he will be promoted.
(c) Where they will fight next.
(d) Why they have to go on fighting.

9. Who takes Luis Cervantes' girlfriend for the night?
(a) Demetrio Macias.
(b) Anastasio.
(c) Luis Cervantes.
(d) Margarito.

10. With what does War Paint threaten Camila?
(a) She will give Camila to Margarito.
(b) She will be her enemy if Camila gossips about Margarito.
(c) She will gossip about Camila.
(d) She will take Demetrio Macias from Camila.

11. Where do the rebels sleep in Tepatitlan?
(a) The church.
(b) The ground.
(c) The school.
(d) People's homes.

12. How many men have the rebels recruited in a week?
(a) One hundred and fifty.
(b) Five hundred.
(c) Two hundred and fifty.
(d) Fifty.

13. Why does Pancracio shoot the sacristan of the church in the village?
(a) He was secretive.
(b) He was well dressed.
(c) He was silent.
(d) He was rude.

14. What does Luis Cervantes advise Venancio to do?
(a) Open a Mexican restaurant.
(b) Go to medical school.
(c) Retire to his ranch.
(d) Stay in the army.

15. What does Margarito claim he has trained his prisoner to do?
(a) Walk without shoes.
(b) Face death without fear.
(c) Survive without water.
(d) Survive without eating.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Luis Cervantes present to Demetrio Macias at the banquet?

2. Why does Valderrama protest Demetrio Macias' order?

3. What does War Paint promise the kidnapped girl?

4. Where does Demetrio Macias receive orders to go from Tepatitlan?

5. What does Demetrio Macias offer to do if Margarito will join him?

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