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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Camila ask Demetrio Macias for permission to do when the rebels leave?
(a) Shoot War Paint.
(b) Come with him.
(c) Carry a gun.
(d) Go home.

2. Why does Luis Cervantes recommend stopping in Aguascalientes?
(a) They need to bathe and get haircuts.
(b) They need to rest.
(c) They need to tend to their wounded.
(d) They are running out of money.

3. What is Valderrama's response to learning of the great defeat?
(a) His loyalty is to the men of the Sierra, not the government.
(b) His loyalty is to Demetrio Macias, not the government.
(c) He hates the revolution and doesn't care who lives or dies.
(d) He loves the revolution and doesn't care who lives or dies.

4. What refrain from the song does Demetrio Macias repeat again and again?
(a) "They do not know why, nor do I know why."
(b) "Where the mountains call us."
(c) "Home with my own true love."
(d) "Until death do us part."

5. Who intervenes on behalf of the villager?
(a) Camila.
(b) Margarito.
(c) Luis Cervantes.
(d) Anastasio.

6. What saddens Demetrio Macias when they stop at a farmhouse for the night?
(a) His longing for his own home.
(b) The poverty of the Mexican landowners.
(c) The hard conditions of a crippled laborer.
(d) The cruel treatment of the farm animals.

7. Why do the townspeople gather when Demetrio Macias enters Don Monico's house?
(a) They want a share of the loot.
(b) They want to offer support to the rebels.
(c) They want to help Don Monico.
(d) They want to watch the plundering.

8. What does Demetrio Macias ask Luis Cervantes about the trip to Aguascalientes?
(a) He asks why they are going there.
(b) He asks when they are going there.
(c) He asks whether they are going there.
(d) He asks how they are going there.

9. Where is Luis Cervantes after the war?
(a) The Sierra.
(b) Zacatecas.
(c) Aguascalientes.
(d) El Paso, Texas.

10. What does Luis Cervantes steal from a desk the rebels break into?
(a) A jeweled letter opener.
(b) A small box of diamonds.
(c) A cache of army directives.
(d) A typewriter.

11. What does War Paint claim as her advance on salary?
(a) A turquoise jewel box.
(b) A rooster.
(c) A gold necklace.
(d) A black mare.

12. What does Margarito claim he has trained his prisoner to do?
(a) Walk without shoes.
(b) Survive without eating.
(c) Face death without fear.
(d) Survive without water.

13. Why does War Paint leave the celebratory banquet?
(a) She is bored by speeches.
(b) She is sleepy.
(c) She is insulted by speeches.
(d) She is sick and tired.

14. What does Margarito do when the waiter can't fill his order?
(a) He knocks the waiter down.
(b) He shoots the waiter.
(c) He goes to another cantina.
(d) He stabs the waiter.

15. With what does War Paint threaten Camila?
(a) She will give Camila to Margarito.
(b) She will gossip about Camila.
(c) She will take Demetrio Macias from Camila.
(d) She will be her enemy if Camila gossips about Margarito.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Margarito think could kill him?

2. What premonition does Demetrio Macias have?

3. Who is wooing War Paint?

4. What does Margarito call himself when he realizes he has accidentally killed his prisoner?

5. What does Camila tell Demetrio Macias about Margarito?

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