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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the leader of the Federal soldiers intend to do with the bandits of Demetrio Macias?
(a) Take them back to the capital.
(b) Shoot them by firing squad.
(c) Kill them all by himself.
(d) Keep them imprisoned in the village.

2. How many battles has the leader of the Federal soldiers fought?
(a) Five.
(b) Seven.
(c) Twelve.
(d) One.

3. What is the name of Demetrio Macias' rancho?
(a) Dovecote.
(b) Limon.
(c) Palomo.
(d) Rancho Grande.

4. What does Quail have nightmares about?
(a) Men he stabbed.
(b) Men he shot.
(c) Men he saw hung.
(d) Men he saw shot.

5. What does Demetrio Macias' wife want him to do to the marauders?
(a) Tell the authorities about them.
(b) Kill them.
(c) Feed them dinner.
(d) Release them.

6. What is the cure that Senora Remigia brings to Demetrio Macias?
(a) Pigeon blood on his abdomen.
(b) Corn liquor to drink.
(c) Alcohol-soaked bread on his abdomen.
(d) Pulque to drink.

7. How many rifles do Demetrio Macias' men have?
(a) Fifty.
(b) Twenty.
(c) Two hundred.
(d) Ten.

8. What greets Demetrio Macias' men as they enter the plaza of the village?
(a) A squadron of deserters.
(b) A group of peasants.
(c) A hail of rifle fire.
(d) A priest and some beggars.

9. What does Camila call Demetrio Macias?
(a) A fearless leader.
(b) A father figure to her.
(c) A shameless old man.
(d) A hero of the republic.

10. How long has Luis Cervantes been fighting with the rebels?
(a) Two months.
(b) Two days.
(c) Two years.
(d) Two weeks.

11. Why does Senora Remigia have little food for Demetrio Macias' men?
(a) Bandits raided her compound.
(b) The Federal soldiers burned her fields.
(c) Her husband took her supplies off to the war.
(d) The Federal soldiers took everything.

12. Demetrio Macias says that you find out who your true friends are in __________________.
(a) Bed and prison.
(b) Hospital and prison.
(c) Church and school.
(d) Hospital and school.

13. Why had Don Monico come to arrest Demetrio Macias?
(a) Demetrio Macias killed a man in a bar fight.
(b) Demetrio Macias killed Felipe Diaz.
(c) Demetrio Macias was a Maderista.
(d) Demetrio Macias was a witness to a murder.

14. Where does Luis Cervantes sleep when he joins Demetrio Macias' band?
(a) in a tree.
(b) In a stall.
(c) In a manger.
(d) In a pig pen.

15. What does the federal colonel do to punish Luis Cervantes when he finds him asleep?
(a) Sends him to the general.
(b) Sends him to the brig.
(c) Sends him to work in the kitchen.
(d) Sends him to the firing squad.

Short Answer Questions

1. What advantage do Anastasio and Demetrio Macias believe Luis Cervantes possesses?

2. What unanswerable question does Demetrio Macias ask Luis Cervantes?

3. Whom does Demetrio Macias miss at the dance?

4. What do Demetrio Macias' men do when they find Serapio and Antonio, who were thought to be lost, hanged?

5. Who kills the brother of the guide from the village?

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