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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Pancracio do to Luis Cervantes when he approaches the camp?
(a) Stabs him in the back.
(b) Shoots him in the foot.
(c) Ties his hands together.
(d) Grabs him from behind.

2. What is the first cure the neighborhood women use for Demetrio Macias' fever?
(a) Corn liquor to drink.
(b) Pulque to drink.
(c) Alcohol-soaked bread on his abdomen.
(d) Pigeon blood on his abdomen.

3. How does Luis Cervantes address Demetrio Macias?
(a) Comrade.
(b) Capitan.
(c) Compadre.
(d) Dear Leader.

4. Who kills the brother of the guide from the village?
(a) Anastasio.
(b) Pancracio.
(c) Luis Cervantes.
(d) Demetrio Macias.

5. What does Luis Cervantes hear on his first fighting encounter with the rebels?
(a) "One for all and all for one!"
(b) "For God and country!"
(c) "Death to the infidels!"
(d) "Every man for himself!"

6. What does the news from the capital say about Huerta?
(a) He has regained control of the capital.
(b) He has surrundered.
(c) He has vowed to fight to the death.
(d) His family is fleeing the country.

7. What effect does Camila's speech have on Luis Cervantes?
(a) Like birds singing.
(b) Like a river over rocks.
(c) Like a guitar at night.
(d) Like steel scratching glass.

8. To what does Luis Cervantes' old acquaintance compare the men in the revolution?
(a) Stars in the sky.
(b) Leaves in a hurricane.
(c) Toy soldiers in a box.
(d) Mustangs on the range.

9. How did his men make a stretcher for the wounded Demetrio Macias?
(a) Out of ropes and leaves.
(b) Out of branches and bundles of grass.
(c) Out of leather thongs and moss.
(d) Out of rope and saddle blankets.

10. What did the villager who helped Demetrio Macias want the rebels to do in return?
(a) To find his brother.
(b) To release his brother from the guardhouse.
(c) To spare his brother.
(d) To kill his brother.

11. What does the leader of the Federal soldiers intend to do with the bandits of Demetrio Macias?
(a) Keep them imprisoned in the village.
(b) Shoot them by firing squad.
(c) Kill them all by himself.
(d) Take them back to the capital.

12. How does the villager assure Demetrio Macias that the Federal soldiers are not dangerous?
(a) They are poorly educated.
(b) They were drafted against their will.
(c) They are untrained fighters.
(d) They have no weapons.

13. Where does Demetrio Macias instruct his wife to go?
(a) To his father's house.
(b) To her father's house.
(c) To the neighbor's house.
(d) To her uncle's house.

14. How long has Luis Cervantes been fighting with the rebels?
(a) Two weeks.
(b) Two years.
(c) Two days.
(d) Two months.

15. What does the leader of the Federal soldiers expect will be the result of the attack by Demetrio Macias?
(a) He will be promoted to major.
(b) He will be shot.
(c) He will be given an award.
(d) He will be sent to the capital.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did the rebels make hand grenades with?

2. What does Camila call Demetrio Macias?

3. Who kills the leader of the Federal soldiers?

4. Who fights over their card game?

5. Why does Senora Remigia have little food for Demetrio Macias' men?

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