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Short Answer Questions

1. According to Freud, what is the childhood psyche substantially different from?

2. What does the bread in Henri's childhood memory represent?

3. What does the childhood period serve in a person's life, according to Freud?

4. What happens as a result of the conflict between the two forces in the case of childhood memories?

5. What age does the creative process especially begin to unfold in a person, according to Freud?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was Da Vinci known as the "Italian-Faust"?

2. Where does an uncanny originate?

3. What type of fantasies do children have in comparison to adults?

4. What happens in Henri's adolescent memory?

5. Describe Leonardo da Vinci.

6. How are children's memories different from adult memories?

7. According to Freud, discuss the projections of one's unconscious.

8. What are most heroes in fiction classified as?

9. According to Freud, what is the second stage of growth like for a child?

10. What does Freud see our dreams as?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Analyze and discuss Freud's student who was afraid of sand and why this example of uncanny developed and stayed with him through his adult years.

Essay Topic 2

Analyze and explain Freud's analysis of Da Vinci's childhood dream and what Freud argues his dream symbolizes as an adult.

Essay Topic 3

Compare healthy fantasies to unhealthy fantasies as described by Freud in "Creative Writing and Daydreaming."

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