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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What must childhood memories be triggered by, according to Freud?
(a) Emotional resistance.
(b) Emotional resonance.
(c) Emotional instability.
(d) Emotional stability.

2. What does the little girl represent in Henri's adolescent memory?
(a) His desire.
(b) His love.
(c) His cousin.
(d) His incest.

3. How does Freud end "Creative Writing and Daydreaming"?
(a) Emphatically.
(b) Honestly.
(c) Angrily.
(d) Abruptly.

4. What must be disguised symbolically in the form of a dream?
(a) The conscious mind.
(b) The unconscious mind.
(c) The subconscious mind.
(d) The ego's desires.

5. What does stealing the flowers represent in Henri's adolescent memory?
(a) His desire for freedom.
(b) His desire to deflower or seduce his cousin.
(c) His sexual excitement.
(d) That he is incestual.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the first force Freud mentions is at play in childhood memories?

2. What does the mind begin to creatively build as a person grows older?

3. How many forces does Freud argue are at play in the formation of early childhood memories?

4. What is the person wearing in Henri's early childhood memory?

5. What are Henri and the person in his dream given?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do female responses differ in familial fantasies according to Freud?

2. What does Freud conclude about Henri's case?

3. What happened to many of Da Vinci's works, like the Mona Lisa?

4. What happens in Henri's adolescent memory?

5. According to Freud, what is the second stage of growth like for a child?

6. Why has Freud's student remained fearful of sand?

7. What does Freud see the common fear of blindness really is?

8. What are screen memories?

9. Describe Da Vinci's childhood memory.

10. Discuss the importance of an individual's childhood according to Freud.

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