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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the person wearing in Henri's early childhood memory?
(a) A yellow dress.
(b) Jeans.
(c) An apron.
(d) A green dress.

2. Who are V. and C. Henri?
(a) An example of neurosis.
(b) An example of childhood memory distortion.
(c) An example of dependency.
(d) An example of healthy daydreaming.

3. How does Freud end "Creative Writing and Daydreaming"?
(a) Emphatically.
(b) Honestly.
(c) Angrily.
(d) Abruptly.

4. What does the subconscious desire allow to manifest in the conscious mind of a dreamer, according to Freud?
(a) A repressed desire.
(b) A hidden desire.
(c) A driving desire.
(d) A suppressed desire.

5. At what age are most early memories formed?
(a) Between the ages of 2 and 4.
(b) Between the ages of 3 and5.
(c) Between the ages of 2 and 3.
(d) Between the ages of 1 and 3.

Short Answer Questions

1. What must childhood memories be triggered by, according to Freud?

2. What are Henri and the person in his dream given?

3. What does Freud suggest about the memories we recall as adults about our childhood really are?

4. Where can the ego put the dreamer?

5. What do most adult memories have, according to Freud?

Short Essay Questions

1. When does Freud argue human's creative process comes into play?

2. How does a child perceive his parents when he or she is young, according to Freud?

3. Describe Leonardo da Vinci.

4. Why does Freud choose Leonardo da Vinci for psychoanalysis?

5. What do the images in Henri's case reflect?

6. According to Freud, what is the second stage of growth like for a child?

7. What is Da Vinci's sexual sublimation?

8. Describe Da Vinci's desire for perfection.

9. What is the uncanny at odds with, according to Freud?

10. What happens in Henri's adolescent memory?

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