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Marc Scott Zicree
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was the Serlings' other son?
(a) Thomas.
(b) Robert.
(c) Richard.
(d) Roger.

2. Why did executives from the networks heavily censor the show's scripts?
(a) In order to placate sponsors.
(b) In order to placate the viewers.
(c) In order to attract sponsors.
(d) In order to be politically correct.

3. After being discharged from the Army, Serling used the GI Bill to continue his education where?
(a) Antioch College in Ohio.
(b) Ohio University.
(c) Akron University in Ohio.
(d) The Ohio State University.

4. Since "The Time Element" had already appeared on the "Desilu Playhouse," what was Serling required to do?
(a) Help hire a new cast.
(b) Add more characters into the script.
(c) Write a half hour script.
(d) Write a new hour-long script.

5. Serling's older brother Bob often jokes that the family could not get Rod to do what?
(a) Laugh.
(b) Talk.
(c) Shut up.
(d) Smile.

6. How does this character strike a deal with the Devil?
(a) By trading his soul to be the best baseball player.
(b) By trading his soul for immortality.
(c) By trading his soul to be the most handsome man alive.
(d) By trading his soul for wealth.

7. Who was the man's only company on this asteroid?
(a) A picture of his wife.
(b) A volleyball.
(c) A young woman.
(d) A robot designed to look and behave like a human woman.

8. What was the main objection of television executives?
(a) The Time Element and similar scripts required celebrity actors.
(b) The Time Element and similar scripts were left open ended.
(c) The Time Element and similar scripts were boring.
(d) The Time Element and similar scripts were expensive.

9. Who is Pete Jenson in this first episode?
(a) A part-time successful coach and bartender.
(b) A part-time unsuccssful coach and bartender.
(c) A part-time unsuccessful bookie and bartender.
(d) A part-time successful bookie and bartender.

10. One of the episodes sponsored by the Ford Motor Company required that what be done?
(a) A Ford car be found in every scene.
(b) The Chrysler Building be blacked out of the skyline because the two companies were competitors.
(c) The name Ford must be mentioned one hundred times.
(d) The president of the Ford company must be a guest actor.

11. What is one of Houghton's biggest concerns regarding the filming of this episode?
(a) Where to find a picture for the wife.
(b) Where to find the place to film the events on the asteroid.
(c) Where to find the perfect female robot.
(d) Whether the volleyball will work as a companion.

12. Why does this character admit to killing his wife?
(a) He wants others to know how powerful he is.
(b) He wants to feel the effects of the electric chair.
(c) He does not love her.
(d) He feels guilty about what he had done.

13. After graduation, the Serlings moved where?
(a) Cincinnati.
(b) Columbus.
(c) Cleveland.
(d) Toledo.

14. What does "Mr. Denton on Doomsday" detail?
(a) The life of Al Denton, a corporate lawyer.
(b) The life of Al Denton, a cowboy turned actor.
(c) The life of Al Denton, a school teacher turned priest.
(d) The life of Al Denton, a feared gunslinger-turned town drunk.

15. "It is an area that might be called ________________."
(a) The Twilight Zone.
(b) Twilight.
(c) New Moon.
(d) The Zone.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Houghton refer to "Walking Distance?"

2. Who was put in charge of the new series?

3. What script told the story of an amnesiac who is unable to find another living person in a small town?.

4. Why did television executives not allow the character to warn the Army?

5. After completing basic training, Sterling was sent in to combat where?

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