The Twilight Zone Companion Short Essay - Answer Key

Marc Scott Zicree
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1. What is known about Rod Serling's family?

Rod Serling was born on Christmas Day, 1924, to Samuel Serling, a wholesale meat salesman, and Esther Cooper Serling. The Serlings had one other son, Robert, who was born seven years prior. The Serlings moved to Binghamton, New York, shortly after Rod's birth. Rod resided in Binghamton until he joined the Army at age 18. Although Bob and Rod were seven years apart, the two were very close and spent a great deal of time together, including reading and acting out science fiction pulps such as "Amazing Stories."

2. Describe Rod's personality.

By all accounts, Rod Serling was considered to be an attractive and articulate kid. Although Serling was only 5'4" he seemed to possess a great deal of confidence. Sterling was also known as outspoken and enthusiastic, often craving the spotlight. Serling's older brother Bob often jokes that the family could not get Rod to shut up.

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