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Marc Scott Zicree
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Five: The Third Season 1961-1962.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why could "The Twilight Zone" not be filmed permanently at Universal?
(a) They did not have rental facilities.
(b) They were not interested in keeping the show.
(c) They did not have space.
(d) They did not get along with Serling.

2. Who is Pete Jenson in this first episode?
(a) A part-time unsuccssful coach and bartender.
(b) A part-time unsuccessful bookie and bartender.
(c) A part-time successful bookie and bartender.
(d) A part-time successful coach and bartender.

3. Who was put in charge of the new series?
(a) Rod Serling.
(b) Bill Self.
(c) Buck Houghton.
(d) John Castagliola.

4. What happens when the psychiatrist is startled awake?
(a) He is confused about where he is.
(b) He wonders where his patient went.
(c) He knows that something is amiss.
(d) He looks at the clock on the wall.

5. Now that the series was underway, Rod Serling requested that _________________ continue to work as the show's producer.
(a) Charles Beaumont.
(b) Bill Self.
(c) Buck Houghton.
(d) He.

Short Answer Questions

1. A major bonus for the producers of the show was what?

2. The story was written by Montgomery Pittman, who had previously directed what?

3. Pittman manages to turn a volatile situation into ________________ tale.

4. After completing basic training, Sterling was sent in to combat where?

5. Corrigan is drugged, and by the time he wakes, what has happened?

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