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Marc Scott Zicree
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Five: The Third Season 1961-1962.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Serling was encouraged to do what?
(a) Quit writing.
(b) Become an editor.
(c) Write more scripts.
(d) Make several scripts into movies.

2. The audience was happy to shell out their hard earned money on what?
(a) "Twilight Zone" movies.
(b) "Twilight Zone" related products.
(c) "Twilight Zone" books.
(d) "Twilight Zone" toys.

3. Who was put in charge of the new series?
(a) Buck Houghton.
(b) Bill Self.
(c) Rod Serling.
(d) John Castagliola.

4. When Mr. Dingle decides to perform for a live television audience, what happens?
(a) He destroys the set.
(b) His additional strength is taken away.
(c) The audience fears him.
(d) He becomes very popular.

5. After graduation, the Serlings moved where?
(a) Toledo.
(b) Cleveland.
(c) Columbus.
(d) Cincinnati.

Short Answer Questions

1. After completing basic training, Sterling was sent in to combat where?

2. The premise of this first story is that a B-25 bomber falls out of the sky to land where?

3. What was one of the first jobs assigned to Houghton?

4. Although Serling admitted that "The Time Element" was certainly not a masterpiece, the show received more _____________ than any other show that premiered on the "Desilu Playhouse."

5. Pittman manages to turn a volatile situation into ________________ tale.

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