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Marc Scott Zicree
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part Four: The Second Season 1960-1961.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After completing basic training, Sterling was sent in to combat where?
(a) The Pacific.
(b) The Atlantic.
(c) The Mediterranean.
(d) The Indian.

2. The premise of this first story is that a B-25 bomber falls out of the sky to land where?
(a) In India.
(b) In Africa.
(c) In China.
(d) In Australia.

3. Although Serling admitted that "The Time Element" was certainly not a masterpiece, the show received more _____________ than any other show that premiered on the "Desilu Playhouse."
(a) Money.
(b) Mail.
(c) Publicity.
(d) Reviews.

4. Who would eventually deliver the opening narration?
(a) Nelson.
(b) Houghton.
(c) Serling.
(d) Kramer.

5. Since "The Time Element" had already appeared on the "Desilu Playhouse," what was Serling required to do?
(a) Write a new hour-long script.
(b) Write a half hour script.
(c) Help hire a new cast.
(d) Add more characters into the script.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Serling continue to stress is the point of "The Twilight Zone?"

2. Fortunately for Serling, ____________________ was still a relatively new medium.

3. When was Rod Serling born?

4. What did executives think about Serling's new script?

5. Executives were dead set against buying "The Twilight Zone" as a serial and were eventually convinced to take on the series by whom?

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