The Twelve Caesars Fun Activities

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MySpace page

Create a MySpace page (on paper) for one of the Caesars.

Draw illustrations

Create illustrations for one of the chapters in the book. Make sure the illustrations depict important scenes in the chapter.

Draw a map

Create a map of the Roman Empire, and of Rome, during the time of the Caesars.

Design a book jacket

Design a book jacket, complete with front cover, back cover, and inside flaps, for this book.

Write a poem

Write a poem about your least favorite Caesar. The poem should detail why he is your least favorite Caesar.

Create a comic book

Create a comic book that details the life of one of the Caesars.

Create a board game

Create a "Chutes and Ladders" type board game based on the book.

Design a movie poster

Design a movie poster for the documentary that would go along with this book .


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