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Chapter 1, Gaius Julius Caesar

• The Twelve Caesars is the most in depth book ever written about the personal lives of he twelve Caesars.

• The actions of each emperor is examined, and his motives beyond politics and professionalism are revealed.

• After learning about the leaders' lives, their deaths and the events leading up to them are detailed.

• The book begins with Julius Caesar.
• Julius Caesar is nominated to the priesthood of Jupiter.

• The Dictator, Sulla, tries to make Caesar divorce his wife, Cornelia, who has born him a daughter.

• Julia is Caesar's daughter's name.

• After a few years of military service and Sulla's death, the Assembly grants Julius the rank of colonel and quickly helps undue Sulla's legislation.

• One night, Julius has a dream that he rapes his own mother.

• The soothsayers tell Julius that his dream is a sign that he will conquer the earth.

• In 62 BC Julius...

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