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Short Answer Questions

1. What newspaper does William de Worde establish in the novel?

2. What group of professionals who traditionally control all printing in Ankh-Morpork raise their rates three times in a year?

3. How many dwarfs have migrated to Ankh-Morpork in the beginning of the novel?

4. What is the name of the Ankh-Morpork police force?

5. Who is Ankh-Morpork's most enterprisingly unsuccessful entrepreneur?

Short Essay Questions

1. How and why is a plot developed against the Patrician of Ankh-Morpork?

2. Who is the Patrician's look-alike? What other characters are introduced in pages 32-64?

3. What news opens the novel The Truth? Who records this news?

4. What is William's reaction to the outselling of the Times in pages 32-64? How has his audience changed?

5. What does William discover about the City Watch when he goes to investigate the murder at the Palace?

6. What reporter does William hire in pages 32-64? How is she described?

7. How is Igor described? What news does William learn from him in pages 98-126?

8. What are Pin and Tulip doing in the opening of The Truth? Whom do they pass?

9. What temptation does Otto face when Sacharissa is injured in pages 98-126? Why?

10. What is revealed about the City Watch and Commander Vimes in pages 32-64?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss and analyze the characters of Gunilla and Boddony and the role of the dwarfs in the story. What specialization do the dwarfs use to their advantage?

Essay Topic 2

Describe the characters of Coffin Henry, Arnold Sideways, Duck Man, and Altogether Andrews. What comic relief do each of these characters provide? What are each of their characteristics?

Essay Topic 3

Describe the character of Wuffles and the role of animals in the narrative. Why is Wuffles a threat to Pin and Tulip? What animals can speak in the novel?

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