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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is an enormous, pink, and thin-haired man who dresses in shirtsleeves and constantly smokes a huge cigar to protect him from the odors of his profession?
(a) Harry King.
(b) Wuffles.
(c) Deep Bone.
(d) Ole Foul Ron.

2. Whom does Gunilla want to marry?
(a) Überwald.
(b) Boddony.
(c) Cripslock.
(d) Wintler.

3. Whom does Pin accidentally behead trying to escape the dwarf attack outside the Times office?
(a) Boddony.
(b) Otto.
(c) Crank.
(d) Charlie.

4. Near the end of the novel, William returns from comfortable, protective custody to find that Slant has beaten whom?
(a) Vimes.
(b) Sacharissa.
(c) Lord de Worde.
(d) Otto.

5. What does Tulip wear on a string around his neck, which assures him of returning to life after he dies, no matter what he has done?
(a) A precious stone.
(b) A potato.
(c) Garlic.
(d) A carrot.

6. Who declares that people find true only that which promotes survival and what is important to one is dull to others after the dwarf fight at the Times headquarters?
(a) Gunilla.
(b) Sacharissa.
(c) Otto.
(d) Charlie.

7. Where is Tuttle Scrope's leatherwork shop supposed to be headquartered?
(a) Wilsontown.
(b) Whitesburg.
(c) Wixson's Alley.
(d) Weathersfield.

8. What is another term for a staff representing an office, authority, or baton?
(a) Truncheon.
(b) Doffledorf.
(c) Gun.
(d) Beater stick.

9. How much money does William give Carney in jewels for a Guild membership in the end of the novel?
(a) $2,000.
(b) $5,000.
(c) $1,000.
(d) $3,000.

10. How much money does William give his father to repay him for raising and educating him?
(a) $50,000.
(b) $10,000.
(c) $20,000.
(d) $40,000.

11. Death shows Tulip an arc of ___________, representing the lives that he and Pin have shortened?
(a) Shadows.
(b) Rainbows.
(c) Tulips.
(d) Hourglasses.

12. What does the enormous nun do with the terriers brought for the reward by the crowd to the Times?
(a) Takes them home.
(b) Takes them to the vet.
(c) Shoots them.
(d) Puts them in a bag.

13. When Trixiebell and Deep Bone accompany William back to the print shed, Pin and Tulip are waiting, holding whom prisoner?
(a) Vetinari.
(b) Otto.
(c) Trixiebelle.
(d) Sacharissa.

14. What do Pin and Tulip do with the bag of dogs after escaping the Times headquarters?
(a) Throw them into the river.
(b) Dump them into the forest.
(c) Shoot them.
(d) Give them away.

15. After saving the dogs from the river, who wants to give them artificial respiration, but is told it is unhygienic?
(a) Ole Foul Ron.
(b) Coffin Henry.
(c) Lady Hermione.
(d) Deep Bone.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the Archchancellor of Unseen University?

2. At the noodle place where William and Sacharissa go at the end of the novel, a brewer's dray runs out of control, dumping how much beer?

3. William calculates that $70,000 in coins would weigh how much?

4. What do Pin and Tulip break into the Temple of Om to steal?

5. William offers a reward of how much for the Patrician's dog, figuring that he might need to be on the Watch's good side?

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