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Joel Dicker
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Short Answer Questions

1. Where was Luther's body found?

2. What happened to Chief Pratt after he confessed to what he had done with Nola in the summer of 1975?

3. Which relative of Luther Caleb's did Marcus and Gahalowood go to interview?

4. What happened to Nola and Harry in Writer's Heaven?

5. When Marcus and Gahalowood saw a painting of Luther's fiance, who did they think she resembled?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Marcus tell his publisher he did not want to accept the help of ghostwriters for his book on Harry?

2. What did Harry initially mean to do immediately after returning from Martha's Vineyard with Nola?

3. Why was Tamara Quinn so upset that the note she stole from Harry's house that declares his love for Nola was stolen from her safe?

4. What shocking revelation did Chief Pratt confess to Gahalowood and Marcus when they questioned him at his house?

5. Where was Luther Caleb's body found and what did Gahalowood and Marcus think was strange about it?

6. Why does Luther Caleb chase Harry in his car immediately after Harry returns to Somerset from Martha's Vineyard?

7. Why was Elijah Stern so permissive with Luther Caleb in his role as Luther's employer?

8. What did Sylla Caleb, Luther's sister, tell Marcus and Gahalowood about when her family started to worry about Luther?

9. How did Harry react when Marcus told him about finding the painting of Nola in Elijah Stern's house?

10. Why did Jenny file a complaint against Luther in 1975?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Harry and Marcus often boxed together. Write an essay analyzing what their boxing sessions symbolize about their relationship and explore why Dicker may have chosen that particular sport for them to participate in together.

Essay Topic 2

What does the idea of Writer's Heaven mean to Harry? Write an essay explaining what Writer's Heaven, as Harry describes it to Marcus, symbolizes as the book comes to its conclusion.

Essay Topic 3

How did Elijah Stern react to Luther Caleb's obsession with Nola? Write an essay analyzing Elijah's motivations when dealing with Luther. How did Elijah's permissiveness with Luther lead to the novel's tragic outcome?

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