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Joel Dicker
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Marcus tell Gahalowood about why he was so intent on helping Harry?
(a) Harry was really his father.
(b) He was 28 years old and Harry was his only friend in the world.
(c) He owed Harry money and felt obligated to help because of his debt.
(d) He had passed Harry's writing off as his own and felt guilty.

2. What did Ernie Pinkas ask Marcus to do for him in relation to Marcus's book?
(a) He asked Marcus to list him as a co-author.
(b) He asked Marcus to put his name in the acknowledgements.
(c) He asked to work on the book as a ghost writer.
(d) He asked Marcus to send him a copy of the book.

3. What is the name of the actress that Marcus used to date?
(a) Lydia Gloor.
(b) Jennifer Priestly.
(c) Morgan Sterling.
(d) Michelle Smeigel.

4. What did Elijah Stern ask Luther to help him with when he knocked on Luther's door for the first time?
(a) Tracking someone down.
(b) Changing a tire.
(c) Chopping down a tree.
(d) Writing a book.

5. Who wrote the anonymous threatening letters to Harry in the summer of 1975 after Nola's disappearance?
(a) Chief Pratt.
(b) Tamara Quinn.
(c) Jenny Quinn.
(d) Robert Quinn.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who burned the love note Harry wrote to Nola that Tamara Quinn had stolen and put in her safe?

2. What shocking piece of information did Chief Pratt admit when Marcus and Gahalowood questioned him in 2008?

3. Why did the person who burned the note Tamara had stolen from Harry and put in her safe do what he did?

4. How did Marcus react when Benjamin Roth insulted Nola's memory?

5. Why did the person writing the threatening letters to Harry stop writing them?

Short Essay Questions

1. What prevented Gahalowood and Marcus from asking former Police Chief Pratt why he did not include the information about Luther Caleb's death in his report on Nola's murder?

2. Why did Tamara Quinn tell her therapist that she is so mean to her daughter Jenny?

3. Why was the handwriting analysis of the writing on The Origin of Evil transcript that was buried with Nola so important and whose handwriting was it?

4. Why does Tamara Quinn abruptly tell Harry he has to pay his tab at Clark's in mid-summer 1975?

5. Why did Marcus tell his publisher he did not want to accept the help of ghostwriters for his book on Harry?

6. Why did Gahalowood invite Marcus to dinner at his house?

7. Why did Ernie Pinkas, the part-time Somerset librarian, ask Marcus to put his name in the acknowledgement section of his book?

8. Why does Luther Caleb chase Harry in his car immediately after Harry returns to Somerset from Martha's Vineyard?

9. Where was Luther Caleb's body found and what did Gahalowood and Marcus think was strange about it?

10. Why did Nola agree to pose nude for Luther?

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