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Joel Dicker
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part V (Pages 519 - 641).

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Marcus discover had written the message in lipstick on the mirror in the bathroom at the gala to startle Harry?
(a) Nola.
(b) Jenny.
(c) Tamara Quinn.
(d) Travis Dawn.

2. What did Tamara Quinn do to try to help her anxiety?
(a) She walked on the beach.
(b) She had an affair.
(c) She kept a journal.
(d) She took medication.

3. Who was the woman who was fatally shot on the same night Nola Kellergan disappeared?
(a) Amy Pratt.
(b) Jenny Dawn.
(c) Deborah Cooper.
(d) Nancy Hattaway.

4. What did Marcus plan to do with Harry's house at Goose Cove?
(a) Rebuild it and live in it.
(b) Make it into a writer's retreat.
(c) Demolish it.
(d) Sell it.

5. Where did Harry take Jenny where they bumped into Nola and Nola ran out, very upset?
(a) The movies.
(b) The gala.
(c) The bowling alley.
(d) The pizza restaurant.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the first event Nola asked Harry to attend?

2. Who is the librarian in Somerset who helps Marcus with his research?

3. Where did Marcus Goldman live when the book opens in 2008?

4. Why did the person who burned the note Tamara had stolen from Harry and put in her safe do what he did?

5. What did David Kellergan tell Marcus and Gahalowood he had found on Nola's bed the day she disappeared?

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