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Advertising Poster

Draw an advertising poster for Mrs. Queen's business.

Infomercial Product

Macy's dad loved buying products from infomercials. Discuss with a group a product you or a family member bought from an informercial. Did it live up to the claims that appeared on TV?

A Death in Your Family

Write a paragraph or two about a death in your family and how it affected you.


Create a timeline of events that happened in the novel.


Using scraps of paper, wood, and other found materials, create a sculpture that Wes might have created.

Stella's Garden

Draw a picture of Stella's garden.

Which House?

Discuss with a group whose house you would like to live in and why: Kristy and Monica's or Macy's.

An Outfit for Kristy

Use a fashion magazine and cut out pictures of clothing to create an outfit that Kristy might have worn.

Last Letter, First Letter

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