The Truth About Forever Character Descriptions

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Macy Queen

This character is a serious student whose father died two years ago from a heart attack.

Wes Baker

This character has been deeply affected by his mother's death, works for a catering firm and attends high school.

Kristy Palmetto

This person is a fun-loving teenager whose face was scarred in a car accident.

Deborah Queen

This character is the owner of a successful real estate development business started by her late husband.

Caroline Thurber

This character's spouse is ten years older, and they live in Atlanta.


This character became the owner of a catering company after the death of a sister.

Monica Palmetto

This character does not speak much and works for a catering company.

Bert Baker

This character is very interested in the concept of Armageddon.

Jason Talcot

This character is extremely smart and has high expectations for himself and his girlfriend.

Amanda and Bethany

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