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Chapters 1 and 2

• Macy Queen is a teenager who has been deeply affected by her father's death which occurred about a year ago. Macy and her mother cope by leading very scheduled lives.

• This summer, Macy will be working at the information desk at the library.

• Her boyfriend, Jason, is going away to Brain Camp, and she is taking over his job.

• Macy accompanies Jason to the airport with his parents.

• She reflects on how she and her dad used to run together.

• The day after Christmas, she didn't get up and run with him right away and her father had a heart attack and died before she caught up with him.

• When Macy returns home after saying goodbye to Jason, she finds a package addressed to her father.
• Her dad had always ordered products that he saw advertised on TV.

• Even though Macy's mother has tried to stop...

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