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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What attacks Tom as he and Ginny walk back to her house?
(a) A rabid dog.
(b) A raccoon.
(c) A snake.
(d) A wolf.

2. What does Ginny try to focus on during her labor pains?
(a) An emerald perfume bottle on the dresser.
(b) A picture of her other children.
(c) A baby blanket on the chair.
(d) Snow falling outside the window.

3. What does the person in #69 do after falling into the boiling substance?
(a) Faints.
(b) Dies.
(c) Runs to the doctor's office.
(d) Throws himself into the river.

4. Why does Tom think that Joe's wife buys new dresses all the time?
(a) She is a very vain woman.
(b) She is compensating for her childhood as an orphan.
(c) She is a very shallow person.
(d) She has a hoarding problem.

5. What was notable about the man after he was rid of the demons?
(a) He could no longer speak or understand English.
(b) He looked like a very old man.
(c) He could not stop crying.
(d) His eyes changed from green to brown.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Indian doctor suggested that Ginny imagine herself to be a/an _______________ flying above the Earth.

2. Which of the following is NOT a topic of conversation in the Peace house?

3. Who is Florrie's husband?

4. Tom is angry at Ginny when he learns that Ginny gave the needy family _______________.

5. Where does Locke say that he saw a demon-possessed man?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Tom fit in with Ginny's family when be is courting her?

2. What was the result of Ginny's following the Indian doctor's advice?

3. What will fire come to symbolize in Ginny and Tom's relationship?

4. What did the Indian doctor do for Ginny in an attempt to bring on her menstrual periods?

5. What was the Happyland Colony, and what bad memory does Tom have of it?

6. What does Ginny recall about meeting Tom Powell, the man she would one day marry?

7. How does Ginny view her brother, Locke?

8. Why does Tom resist all on Ginny's efforts to get him to go to a revival with her?

9. How does Ginny behave after the revival?

10. What embarrassing thing does the traveling teacher, Mr. Simcox, do one night while courting Ginny and why does she question whether or not they would be a good match?

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